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Testing, Resumes, & Forms


All contest testing and the professional development assessment (formerly called PDP) will be completed online during the testing window of March 2-10, 2023. Instructions for this will be made available closer to the conference. It is EXTREMELY important that all registered competitors use a personal email address to ensure they receive any testing credentials sent to them. This is the responsibility of the advisor and student to ensure that is done. ALL competitors, with the exception of middles school competitors, are required to complete the professional development assessment which will account for a portion of their contest score. ALL competitors, with the exception of middle school competitors, are required to complete the skilled Contest Written Test during the testing window of March 2-10, 2023.  Some competitions do not have a skilled Contest Written Test. Those contests are listed in the contest updates page and below.

Middle School contestants are exempt from all testing requirements, both contest and professional development.
ADA contests are exempt from all testing requirements, both contest and professional development.

Contests requiring only the professional development assessment (no contest written test):
American Spirit
Career Pathways (all)
Chapter Display
Community Service
Criminal Justice Quiz Bowl
Engineering Technology Design
Extemporaneous Speaking
Health Occupations Professional Portfolio
Job Interview
Job Skill Demonstration A
Job Skill Demonstration Open
Mobile Robotics Technology
Occupational Health & Safety (Multiple & Single)
Opening & Closing Ceremonies
Outstanding Chapter
Pin Design
Prepared Speech
Promotional Bulletin Board
T-Shirt Design

Contests with testing exemptions (includes exemption of professional development assessment):

Action Skills
Building Maintenance
Community Action Project
Employment Application Process
Team Engineering Challenge
ALL Middle School Contestants

Testing Study Guides

There are no study guides available for contest testing unless noted in the contest updates or technical standards. Contestants should study through the core competencies and other material listed under "knowledge performance" in the technical standards for information or hints of testing items. All tests, with the exception of state only contests, are created by the national technical chair and/or committee.

There is a study guide for the Professional Development Test. That can be found HERE.

Resume Requirement

ALL competitors, with the exception of middle school competitors, are required to digitally turn in a 1-page resume (pdf format) in advance of the SLSC. Instructions for this will be made available closer to the conference. Certain contests will also require a hard copy of a resume or a portfolio, which may or may not have different specifications from the digitally required resume. This is in addition to the requirement of turning in a digital copy in advance. Both are scorable in different areas with the digital copy fulfilling the resume requirement of the competition. Any contest requiring a separate/hard-copy resume will be notated on the Contest Updates page and/or below. This list is subject to change prior to March. Any hard copy resume or portfolios may be different or longer than the required digital copy of 1-page.

Resume Submission: On February 27, 2023, all registered advisors will be emailed a link to a google folder associated to your school. You will only have access to your school's folder. You will put all resumes for your contestants in this folder. Immediately following the March 10, 2023 11:59 PM deadline, access to these folders will be dropped for advisors. When placing the resumes in the folder, please label the files as follows: ContestantLastName_ContestantFirstName
If you have more than one contestant with the same name, please use a middle initial. If you have any alternates that are registered members or observers that are registered members that may end up taking the place of one of your competitors, it is suggested that you upload their 1-page resume as well to be safe. Resumes will not be printed for contestants to use on site if they need a hard copy for competition. These folders will be deleted, along with their contests within the week following the state conference.

Middle School contestants are exempt from the 1-page digital resume requirement.

Contests requiring both digital resume in advance AND separate/hard-copy resume or portfolio on contest day:
Employment Application Process
Health Occupations Portfolio
Job Interview
Mobile Electronics Installation
Promotional Bulletin Bo
**This list was last updated on 02/05/2023**


When registering a student for a conference, the advisor checks a box stating they have covered all pertinent releases and rules associated with the conference have been provided to, understood by, and agreed upon by the student and their parent or legal guardian. If needed, you can find a copy of this form HERE.

In years past, a safety release form has been required at the conference. The current conference registration form now includes this information. However, technical chairs or judges may choose to require students to sign the former safety release form or a separate liability and/or release form to compete. If they do so, refusing to sign could result in disqualification or the contestant not being allowed to complete certain portions of the contest.


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