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Resumes, Digital Submissions & Testing


All competitors, excluding Middle School competitors, MUST turn in a 1-page, maximum, resume in a digital format. Failure to do so by the below deadlines will result in a 'resume requirement penalty' for that competitor.


For competitions occurring before March 22, 2024 ~ due by 11:59 pm on March 5, 2024.

For competitions occurring on or after March 22, 2024 ~ due by 11:59 pm on March 12, 2024.

*Substitutions must turn in the required 1-page resume at the time of the substitution.

**If a model or observer may become a substitute, advisors may turn in a resume with other competitors if desired.

Some competitions will require a hard copy of a competitor's resume. This will be noted on the competition updates page for those specific competitions. No other competitions will accept hard-copy resumes. If a hard copy is required and not turned in, that is a separate penalty. Hard copy resumes do not have to be the same as the one turned in before the competition and are not a substitute for those. Hard-copy resumes may be more in-depth and longer. Any competitions requiring portfolios, such as Job Interview, Employment Application Process, and Health Occupation Portfolio should have more extensive resumes and entire professional portfolios.

Please see the Resume Submission Instructions for full details and submission instructions. 

Digital Submissions

Some competitions require a digital submission of either a letter of eligibility, the entire notebook, or some other document. A list of these competitions and required submissions are below, however, advisors and competitors should view the competition updates for other digital submissions that may be required, but not listed below to avoid any penalties. In the case of substitutions, any additional required documentation or alterations should be turned in at the time of the submission to avoid penalty. Also note that some competitions will have similar required items to be turned in onsite but do not require digital submissions.


All required digital submissions (not resumes) ~ 11:59 pm on March 19, 2024.

Required Submissions:

Action Skills ~ Letter of Eligibility

American Spirit ~ Notebook

Building Maintenance ~ Letter of Eligibility

Community Action Project ~ Letter of Eligibility AND Notebook

Community Service ~ Notebook

Employment Application Process ~ Letter of Eligibility

Submission Instructions:

  • Save as a pdf.

  • For an individual competition, rename as ContestantLastName_ContestantFirstName_LetterofEligibility.

    • Example ~ Doe_John_LetterofEligibility

  • For a team competition, choose a single contestant name for submission purposes, perhaps the team captain, rename as ContestantLastName_ContestantFirstName_Notebook OR ContestantLastName_ContestantFirstName_LetterofEligibility.

    • Example ~ Doe_John_Notebook OR Doe_John_LetterofEligibility

  • Submit the pdfs in the same folder as provided for your school's resumes. See Resume Submission Instructions above for details as needed.


The online Testing Window is March 15-25, 2024. Please see the updated information regarding testing in the pdf below. This was also sent to all advisor emails.

A study guide for the Professional Development Test can be found HERE.

In case there is any confusion with the testing process at this point, you may view the testing needs in the Testing - Master List found HERE.

Professional Development Test ONLY

(SkillsUSA Knowledge Test)

Taken online between March 15th - March 25th with a school provided proctor.

American Spirit


Career Pathways Showcase (all 6 competitions)

Chapter Display

Community Service

Engineering Technology Design


Extemporaneous Speaking

Job Interview

Job Skill Demonstration A

Job Skill Demonstration Open

Mobile Robotics Technology

Occupational Health and Safety (both competitions)

Opening & Closing Ceremonies

Pin Design

Prepared Speech

Promotional Bulletin Board

T-Shirt Design


These competitions or persons do not take ANY testing for the State Leadership & Skills Conference for this year.

Action Skills

CERT Team / Emergency Preparedness

Community Action Project

Criminal Justice Quiz Bowl


Tactical Response Team

Team Engineering Challenge

Trial Advocacy

Truck Driving

Wedding Cake Decorating

ALL Middle School competitors.

BOTH TESTS - Unique Format

Click on the "Testing Instructions - Unique" button below to learn more about the testing procedures for these listed competitions.

3D Visualization & Animation

Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair (MLR)

Automotive Service Technology

Baking & Pastry Arts

Commercial sUAS Drone

Graphic Communication

Graphic Imaging Sublimation

Internet of Things (IOT)

Marine Service Technology

Medical Math

Medical Terminology

Nurse Assisting

Power Equipment Technology

Related Technical Math

Screen Printing Technology


Welding Fabrication

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