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Training, Certifications, & Awards

SkillsUSA has many opportunities for students to receive professional training, earn industry-recognized certifications, and awards outside of the SkillsUSA Championships. As new opportunities arise, they will be posted here and/or on our main page, much of which will link you to the page specific to that opportunity.


Training Opportunities

SkillsUSA is providing more and more opportunities for EVERY student member to gain valuable training meant to better prepare our future workforce.

Many of these opportunities are now found on SkillsUSA Absorb and at the different conferences offered. SkillsUSA South Carolina offers training at the Fall Leadership Conference (FLC) and is looking to implement additional training in the near future.

FLC information will be posted on the main page as it becomes available.

Click on the photo for more information on other training opportunities.


SkillsUSA has been rolling out new and improved industry-recognized and industry-certified opportunities. The SkillsUSA Career Essentials Suite is a great way to earn an industry certification and improve yourself as you continue down your career path.

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SkillsUSA Career Essential Certification.

Career Essentials 1.png
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SkillsUSA offers different awards applicable to students and advisors alike. These include individual, team, and chapter awards that are not already included in the SkillsUSA Championships. Many of these revolve around community service hours or other impacts students have on their communities. Earning any of these is a testament to the incredible, hard work the recipients have put in to make a difference.


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