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Whether you are just getting started, are looking to grow, are have already found success, we understand that maintaining a SkillsUSA chapter is hard, but rewarding work. We are committed to the success of you, your chapter, and every member in this state. To show our commitment, we are putting together different guides that can be used along your journey. These can apply to any chapter and are geared to provide "a way" so that you can find "your way" to SkillsUSA and lifelong success.


Below is a teaser of what is coming.


Chapter Officer Election Guide

The process of electing and picking out officer positions can seem overwhelming because there is no one way to do this. This guide and worksheet will help you through the process. You can also take a SkillsUSA class through Absorb to help you in your officer selection.

Chapter Committees

Coming Soon!

If possible, having committees to help prioritize and distribute responsibilities will allow chapters to perform at a higher efficiency level. Using the Program of Work to guide the formation of committees is ideal. This guide will help with the formation and responsibilities of each.

Social Media Icons.png

Social Media

Coming Soon!

Communication is key, and in today's world, social media is communication. However, many are not familiar with some of the best practices and requirements to gain and maintain a professional social media account. This guide will give advice in this area.

Chapter Meetings

Coming Soon!

Chapter meetings are fantastic opportunities to work on Essential Elements from the SkillsUSA Framework and to practice public speaking through the business meeting portion. Planning these can be exciting, but difficult at first. This guide will provide a way to get you started.


Activity Planning & Execution

Coming Soon!

Activities are the fun games and conversations that help relate and strengthen the Framework skills that business and industry have identified as needed in the workforce. Planning and preparing can feel like a lot, but we have found an easier way to get you started!

Project Planning & Execution

Coming Soon!

Projects are small or big events that always aim to have a huge impact on those involved. Whether it be professional development, community service, or some other form of event, there are best practices. We aim to help you find those, give you ideas, and guide you in the process of setting SMART goals and achieving success.


Can't find what you need? Let us know HERE!

We are also exploring guides involving the following:

  • Using the SkillsUSA Framework: Every Classroom, Every Day

  • SkillsUSA Championships: How to Prepare for Competition

  • SkillsUSA Advocacy: How to Teach Others Who We Are

  • and more!

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