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SkillsUSA has a multitude of scholarship opportunities for its student members thanks to the gracious involvement of many different business and industry partners. Some of these are industry-specific while others are not. Be sure to apply early, fulfill requirements, and use your experiences in SkillsUSA to help you down your path. As new opportunities arise, they will be posted here and/or on our main page, much of which will link you to the page specific to that opportunity.


Scholarship & Grant Opportunities

SkillsUSA has a full list of scholarship and grant opportunities on their national website (click on the picture to the left to check them out). As additional opportunities arise that are not listed, your advisors should hear about them and we will post them as well.

Competition Scholarships

In addition to scholarships and grants that students and advisors can earn, there are also prizes and scholarships that are sometimes tied to the outcome of SkillsUSA Championships at the state and national levels. Pictured to the right is Robbie Rachals, the SkillsUSA South Carolina 2021 Welding Sculpture winner. He was given a full scholarship to the Tulsa Welding School in Florida for his win!

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