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National Leadership & Skills Conference

June 24-29, 2024

Atlanta, Georgia

Thousands of competitors, advisors, and business & industry partners will gather in Atlanta, Georgia for an incredible display of America's Future Workforce. Through well over a hundred competitions, days of professional development opportunities, community service, amazing activities, and a rock show of an opening & closing ceremony, the NLSC is the perfect experience for SkillsUSA members. State Champions from across our nation will compete for National Titles. Awards for service, chapter excellence, advisors, and others will be earned. Connect with business and industry partners, find new educational materials, and find your place in America's Workforce. The NLSC has something for everyone.


Pre-Conference Dates: June 21-24, 2024

Conference Dates: June 24-29, 2024

The NLSC State Association Packet has been sent out by email, but can also be found below. There are many links within the packet, along with a good bit of important information and pricing. Additional information and links are on this page.

Advisor Meeting Video

Safety and Security

For additional Safety and Security information, click HERE. This is in addition to the safety information in the NLSC Packet.

Registration Fees

The Pre-Conference Registration and Conference Registration fees are in the NLSC Packet (above). There are additional registration types listed in the document HERE. There may be others, such as the $100 registration if doing the Advisory Summit that would be added on if you sign up for such. Contact the State Director if you have questions. You will see a registration deadline of May 14, 2024, however the state is asking that you complete your registration by May 13, 2024 to allow a day to review your registrations.

Hotel Excel Sheet - Booking Rooms

Please download the Excel Template, complete, and send back in to the State Executive Director. This, along with registration submission MUST be complete before an invoice will be generated. If you need to add any notes, you can do so in the form. You can have up to 4 people in a room. There are drop down boxes within the Excel sheet to ensure it is filled out correct. Please only complete one of these per school.

Hotel Room - Excel Sheet Download

Pre-Conference Training Opportunities

You can find information about the Pre-Conference State Officer Training, Leverage, HERE.

Information Directory

You can find information about pharmacies, grocery stores, and more HERE.

Limited Bus Transportation

There will be limited bus transportation from the hotels to the convention center. You can find more details HERE.


You can find information regarding NLSC scholarship opportunities HERE.


Multiple maps will be posted here.

Atlanta Downtown Hotel Map


Information regarding the attire to wear for specific days COMING SOON.

Additional Testing Information

Additional Information regarding testing and submissions COMING SOON. Refer to the NLSC Packet and comptition updates page for current information.

Pin Trading

Lapel Pin trading is a big deal at NLSC. All students and advisors will receive 10 pins to trade at the conference. Attendees can purchase additional bags of 10 pins for $20 per bag, cash only, starting at the conclusion of the welcome dinner. Information regarding locations to purchase will be posted in the state app at the conference.

SkillsUSA National On-Site Store

Information regarding the SkillsUSA On-Site National Store COMING SOON.

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