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Fundraising & Local Sponsorships

Opportunities do not always come free, or cheap. When dues or fees, grants or school funds fall short, additional monies will be needed. Fundraising can help offset much of this. Sponsorships from local businesses and industry can as well, while also finding partners to help you provide even better experiences to those in your chapter. We are here to help you find what is best suited for your chapter.

Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser

Participants get to set up virtual pop-up stores and sell fantastic gourmet popcorn that ships directly to the buyer's chosen location. Perfect for the holiday season as a gift. Fundraising lasts 4 days, but can be done more than once. Keep up with chapter sales on your mobile device. Chapters receive 50% of sales!!! This is a great way to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your chapter.

Click on popcorn for more information.


Additional Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising and Sponsorships are great ways to obtain funds and provide even more resources for your chapter. COMING SOON, we will provide some additional ideas to get you started.

Finding Local Sponsors

Coming Soon

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