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The SkillsUSA Technical Standards provide everyone with descriptions, requirements, and required aspects of competitions that occur within the SkillsUSA Championships.

The standards used at the National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC) are also the inspiration for those used at a state and local level, such as in our State Leadership and Skills Conference (SLSC). While states are encouraged to maintain standards that are in line with or very similar to the national standards, variations are allowed to fit the needs and capabilities of individual states and even regional or localized events.

SkillsUSA Technical Standards

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Our state technical standards are made to be in line with the national technical standards. Any variations will be provided within our advisor updates and/or SLSC updates as we approach competition.

The state standards can be found HERE.

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National Technical Standards

The SkillsUSA National Technical Standards can be located through Absorb. This can be accessed by going straight to the Absorb website (HERE) or by logging into your memberships registration (HERE) and looking for this box/button:

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That box/button will also take you to the Absorb website. All current and registered professional members (Advisors) have access to this website. Once in, click on the SEARCH box and type in "Competitions". You will then have multiple results to include the following:

  • Skilled and Technical Sciences Career Competitions

  • Leadership Development Career Competitions

  • Occupational Related Career Competitions

Click ENROLL beside the ones you wish to view and you will then have access to PDF copies of each standard.

Please keep in mind that SkillsUSA has more competitions at the national level than SkillsUSA South Carolina has at the state level.

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