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Branding Contest

Congratulations to Yerci Mexicano-Martinez of Golden Strip Career Center on winning the Branding Contest for 2023-2024! This design will be utilized for our state t-shirts, trading lapel pins, app cover, and more! Yerci will receive a gold medal and a free state conference registration along with her advisor. Thank you to all those who entered into the contest this year, there were a lot of fantastic designs!

2024 Banner.png

The Branding Contest is held annually in the fall and determines the design for our state t-shirt, state pin, app cover, and any banner requiring the design. The design uses our state theme for the year, which is derived based on the national theme. These themes are chosen by our state officers and staff.


There is no limit on how many students may enter designs. This is a great full class project that can be utilized with all or some of the designs being submitted for the contest. A vigorous process then occurs to ensure designs fit the required standards followed my multiple rounds of judging by various business & industry partners, as well as, selected SkillsUSA members or staff. In the end, the winning designer earns a gold medal along with free registration for the State Leadership and Skills Conference for them and their advisor.

Check back here in late July for the theme for 2024-2025 and contest information for that year!

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